Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I was thinking of my early experience as a reader of blogs.

When I visited my friend's blog the first time, I read each Post and went on my way. 
It took a long time for me to understand how to write a comment.
And even longer to figure out how to become a Follower. 
Add a photo to the Follower list?  Oh, no!  I was a silhouette for eons.

Are you new to the Blogosphere?  Are you wondering how to leave a comment?  Would you like to become a Follower?

Even though I am new to this world of blogging, I am going to share with you what I've learned so far.

At the end of each Post, there is a word in rather small letters .... comment.
If you click on comment, you can read what others have said or you can post your own comment.
Just type in the box what you wish to say.  You can type as much as you want.
Then click "select profile".  If you have an account with one of the places on the list -- select that one.  If not, select anonymous.  If you select anonymous, go to your message and add your name. If you're shy, you can remain anonymous.
You may wish to click "preview' to review what you have written in the event that you want to edit.
When you are happy with your comments, click "post comment". 
Sometimes you will be told that it didn't go through and you will be asked to click "post comment" again.  I don't know why --- just do it.
Ok, so now you know how to leave a comment.

Here's some more information.
On the left side of the page, there is a poll.  I would be interested in your answers.  You can click on the results of the poll to read what others have entered.

You are able to click on My Favorite Links and peruse the websites.
You are also able to click on My Blog List and read those blogs, if you choose.

I invite you to become a Follower.  Just double click on the Follower Button.
A screen will appear with instructions.  If you have any questions,  just go to comments at the end of this post and post your questions. I will do my best to get answers for you.

If you are a computer/blogger expert,  I welcome your input!


  1. Thanks MaryAnne! I couldn't figure out how to to do it either....Kristen

  2. hello MaryAnne

    I have been a blogger
    posting and hosting my own blogs
    and yes
    responding and commenting on existing blogs
    I was part of worldofpoets during this process

    the world of blogs and comments can be exciting
    without saying informative
    the only one factor is time

    looking at your page/blog
    you have all the correct tools for the reader
    the reader can see clearly and respond to you

    just remember one thing before I end this note
    always update your computer and newest versions

    have a great day
    with love and best wishes
    ann marie

    thank you MaryAnne for turning to my page also

  3. You're so cute MaryAnne. I'm glad you are not a silhouette anymore. Great pic. You made me laugh with your "I don't know why... just do it!"
    Great advice.
    And great instructions for people new to the blog world.