Saturday, January 23, 2010


As you can see, I have not written a post since last month.
First, I want to wish you a year of joy in 2010.

Now I would like to pose a question for you:
If you did not need to work for a living, what would you like to do with all of the available time?

I would love to hear your comments in the comment section below.  Whenever I have posed this question, the answers have been interesting.  You might like to read some of the answers in the next few days.

If I did not need to work for a living,  I would like to spend my time........


  1. Hi, I would like to be a philanthropist and a student of theology. I think I would still work (doing events and presentations), but not the to extent I do now. I would also like to travel. I would also enjoy a much warmer climate...
    Thanks for presenting the question.

  2. I would do what I am doing right now. That is, I would still take photographs. I would still continue to share my love of photography by giving photo lessons to others. Also, I would continue to grow things in the garden and grow my circle of friends.

  3. Good question. I would take classes, photography, art, yoga, healthy cooking... I would find places to volunteer. I would harass Eileen and Maxine at the library. I would swim somewhere. I suppose I would just do what I like to do now in my non working time, garden, write, walk... You didn't say I would have money to spend, just that I wouldn't have to work. If I had lots of money, that would be another answer.

  4. Thank you, Roland, Babs and Bethany for responding. Good answers. Maybe I should have included "Oh, by the way, you have enough money to support your current lifestyle comfortably without having to report to work."

  5. good morning maryanne

    this is an easy question to answer
    without a doubt
    I would spend time giving myself inner peace
    all else falls into place after this
    lucky am I to already have such a gift
    I have done structured volunteering
    it was a wonderful experience
    this time however
    I will follow wherever the wind blows

    have a wonderful day
    ann marie

  6. I would be a travel writer, something I have always wanted to do, travel the world and write articles, but also have this connect to classrooms in local schools, so that they would travel with me, as I'd write the articles. It combines my love of travelling the world, along with children and teaching.